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An Exclusive Goan Homestay

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We, Jamshed and Ayesha are your hosts at Capella. Much like everything else in our lives, our homestay has evolved out of a string of happy coincidences. Seventeen years ago we opened the first specialty Italian restaurant in Goa. Today, J&A's Ristorante Italiano is still the best in the business. Not one to remain without a 'project' for long, Jammy decided to design and build a house and carve out a wee bit of paradise for friends and family to share. That didn't take long. Even before the house was complete we were inundated with relatives and guests who loved the place and what we had done with it. It seemed only natural that we decided to open our house to guests from across the world to give them an experience of Goa they can treasure forever.


Among the other denizens of the house are our thirteen-year-old son Zal and an assortment of pets. Elsa is our bouncy mongrel, a recent addition to the Capella menagerie. Luca is our noble Rottweiler and Lily-the-Calico-Cat and Tiffin are our two snooty felines. Our pets are accustomed to house guests so if you walk around confidently and pretend you own the place they will adjust accordingly. It goes without saying our animals are very much a part of our family and we hope guests who choose to stay at Capella will be comfortable having them around.


Julie is our jolly Goan cook. While we are essentially a bed and breakfast establishment, she can be persuaded to rustle up the occasional home-cooked Goan meal. Maria and Seema are our two housemaids who make sure your sheets and towels are changed and your room is neat and tidy. Maruti is the gardener, pool man and general factotum who makes sure Capella chugs along more or less effectively. Our staff is always ready to assist you with anything you may need except between 3pm and 5pm when they take their siesta.

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