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We are saddened to see the beautiful state of Goa decline over the years. While we too depend on tourism for our livelihood, we realise our profits come at a cost (to the environment) and success cannot be measured in financial terms alone. For eg, every bit of plastic generated from single-use mineral water bottles, plastic bags, toiletries and snacks purchased in plastic packaging all add to the pollution and litter you see disfiguring the roadsides, water bodies and once pristine Goa beaches.

Rather than sit back and complain about this we have decided to be proactive and be the change so to speak. We make a conscious effort to be a zero-waste (or at least a minimum-waste) establishment which means we try to buy everything from household cleaners to toiletries to dry goods in bulk to reduce unnecessary packaging.

Recently we have become largely organic as well so all our fruits and vegetables are sourced from organic growers in Goa and around the country. We try to generate as little waste as possible and segregate our rubbish and compost all food waste. This compost is used to fertilize our garden. In the winter season we grow a few leafy vegetable and herbs in planters and would be happy to show you our vertical planters!

Our aim is to inspire our guests that living a ‘conscious lifestyle’ is possible anywhere, even in the cities. With a few small changes in buying habits we can actually be the change we are looking for. For those guests who are interested I have lots of material and resource lists I would be happy to share with you. I hope you enjoy your stay with us safe in the knowledge that you have chosen to spend your Goa holiday in a place that respects our wonderful planet!

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